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VBL Case Study

St Catherine’s Medical Center
Kenosha, WI

St Catherine's Medical Center United Hospital System: St Catherine’s Medical Center Campus Vertical Expansion

Project Size:

322,000 square feet

Project Cost:

$80 million



Project Partners:

Riley Construction Company, Welman Architects

The St Catherine’s Medical Center Campus project involved the construction of a three-story, 322,000 square foot addition. The vertical expansion was built above an active, full-service hospital. The project included:

– expanded emergency department

– expanded urgent care department

– five new operating rooms

– new childbirth services department

– women’s health and obstetrics unit

– 24 new patient rooms

– third floor shell for future inpatient rooms and departments

– a mobile technology garage

– a maintenance garage

– a loading dock

St Catherine's Medical Center

Virtual Building Logistics worked with Riley Construction Company on the project. VBL provided an initial look at site logistics and construction sequencing based on the construction schedule. VBL created a basic site model with construction sequence using TimeLiner. The process took three weeks. This information gave Riley Construction a good indication of how effective the projected construction schedule would be. It also alerted them to modifications that would streamline the construction schedule.

St Catherine’s Medical Center campus vertical expansion was completed in 2011.


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