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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) enlists Virtual Building Logistics on Rock Island Lock and Dam Project

The Rock Island Lock and Dam ProjectRock Island

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) enlisted Virtual Building Logistics (VBL) to utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) on the Rock Island Lock and Dam Project.  The intent for the project was to enhance and update USACE’s 3D Miter Gate models with additional attributes. The project also developed a simpler process for creating future 3D Miter Gate models. BIM was utilized to increase productivity and reduce waste.

USACE – Rock Island District received funding to finish a universal miter gate model. The Rock Island Lock and Dam Project had been shelved for nearly four years. USACE contacted Bentley Systems to identify a company with knowledge of Bentley software that could complete the modeling required. Bentley Systems subcontracted VBL to complete the modeling and develop plans directly from the BIM model. VBL also provided on-site support for USACE utilizing  Bentley Structural V8 XM software to complete and standardize a significant portion of the 3D Lock and Dam models. USACE’s existing 3D Miter Gate models were outdated. The initial task was to ascertain the condition of the existing 3D models. VBL examined these models to identify what could be used to create new 3D models.

After completing the evaluation, it was discovered that a large part of the 3D model would need to be redone. Additional information needed to be created to include information that was necessary for fabrication. It was also necessary to standardize the 3D model so that two additional sizes of miter gates could be created from the base 3D model.

Upon completion of the Rock Island Lock and Dam project, Virtual Building Logistics provided training to the Design Team. VBL reviewed the three sizes of miter gate models and instructed the team on how to extract data embedded in the model.

VBL received a Letter of Commendation from the USACE expressing their gratitude for the work performed on the Rock Island Lock and Dam project.