VBL adapts their deployment and support plan to provide direct on-site support to all individuals on the project team from the Owner to the Subcontractors. VBL team members hold Coordination Meetings with all involved parties on a day-to-day / week-to-week basis to ensure project success and address any issues that may arise. Meetings solidify project expectations and goals, addressing the roles and responsibilities of all parties. This architecture allows a greater understanding of the customer’s requirements and seamless communication across the project team.

“VBL staff was professional, adaptable to a changing schedule and really made our BIM requirements easy to achieve on the project.”

John Hausback, Branch Manager
Foley Company 



While on-site, VBL Project Managers will determine project needs and if there should be changes made in:

  • Technologies applied

  • Processes implemented

  • Team size and resources

They also act as Contractor/Subcontractor support assuring all parties are up to speed with the BIM and provide the training and support necessary for project success.

During weekly or biweekly project meetings, VBL Project Managers are supported by VBL team BIM modelers, BIM integrators, BIM analysts, and principles through Webex (allowing real time virtual support). At these meetings VBL gives up to the minute TQ reports and reviews change orders which may have resulted from prior TQ reports.